The relationship between the UK and India goes very deep. India is now a rising global economic power that also sees the UK as a partner and as spring board into the European continent. Raymond Hall has represented the London East Chamber Partnership in establishing trade associations with the All India Association of Industry and the Bombay Chamber of Commerce. As part of that process the European Vice-President of the AIAI, through his own company Lotus India UK Ltd, is proposing a Lotus India European Trade and Cultural Centre in the London’s Royal Docks.

The master plan Raymond Hall has designed would be include a highly flexible structural envelope reminiscent of a ‘namaste’ – an Indian welcome – that could self sufficient by generating its own electricity using solar, ground and water source technolgy. It could house hotels, conference, exhibition, cultural and educational facility: their focus being the relationship between India, the UK and continental Europe. Served by London City Airport, two DLR stations and its own docking facility, this new Lotus Centre could embody a renew and enhanced future for an extraordinary and vital global relationship.