Our world is changing rapidly. The age of empire and isolation is gone. A world that works together is essential if our earth is to survive. This requires ways of thinking and operating that maximize resource in every arena – and enable sharing on a scale and depth never seen before. Language, relationships and networking are key – and in a way that does not imply power of one over another, but the opposite: practical love. English is now the prime global language and time is perhaps our earth’s biggest constraint. ‘0’ Meridian defines the centre of time and London can communicate with the world.

London as ‘the City at the Centre of Time’ was conceived by Raymond Hall to enable her unprecedented international community become a focus of a network that could become a major resource for good in our world. Its logo has as its reference Greenwich and the world renowned view from its Royal Observatory. Inherent in the name is a strategy that could imply a devolution of the democratic administration of the United Nations, with a form of earth management through global time regions, focussed on New York, London, Mumbai and Hong Kong