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Barking Blue


Much of Raymond Hall's thinking and work concerns regeneration and the championing of areas and communities that need encouragement  - and often in the form of enabling a sense of identity and from there that precious commodity: 'belonging'. He was, therefore, pleased to assist a specialist in regeneration, Paul Cunningham, who focussed on church and community projects in a commercial context. The project was to design a conference and social enterprise facility hosted by a church in Barking on the east side of London.

'Barking Blue' was the consequence. Located on redundant land adjacent to a park, the building was conceived as an identity icon that would place Barking onto the London and world stage. With observation gallerys at its peak and mid point, Barking Blue was conceived as a pyramid clad in solar panels and photo voltaic glass which, with ground source heating, would meet the energy needs of the building. The interior of the pyramid would the house a main conference destination supported by smaller spaces for complementary activities, including social enterprises and specialist needs provision.

Barking Blue in the making


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