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Deptford was once the timber ship building capital of the world. Adjacent to Greenwich, it served an empire's maritime needs from its strategic location by a deep channel on the south side of the River Thames. Since the demise of empire, Deptford has been awaiting a new reason for being. We believe that to be as a Recycling World and a Thames Maritime Hub that will occupy its largest redundant site: currently called Convoys -and designated for Thames related employment as a protected wharf.

A major local business - Chris Carey's Collections - plans to use the Thames for transportation and concentrate its recycling activities on 10 acres, alongside 5 acres for a new City Cruises Thames Maritime Hub. Some 2,500 jobs will be generated. With its listed Olympia Building transformed, new parks and a boulevard destination for local people and visitors, Convoys - now bearing its original name as 'Kings Yard' - will also host some 3,500 new homes, the world's biggest media wall, leisure and entertainment facilites, a church community building and a Thames side showcase: the goal being nothing less than Deptford becoming 'world stage' once again.


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